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Your investors and others in your network are often looking for ways to support the business. Leverage your network as you fundraise, build your business, and grow the team.
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Investor groupings are ad hoc labels that can be used to roll-up 1 or more of your invited investors.
These investor groupings allow you to more tightly manage access to your deal material

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Showcase is a hub for a founders to more closely engage with investors, during fundraising and beyond.
The product empowers founders and investors to streamline the process, and collaborate, creating a win for both sides.


Available to all founders!

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Deal tags are ad hoc attributes that can be used to categorize deals for purporses of special handling, filtering and display within the product

The operations team can add/edit deal tags in the "Manage Configurations" section

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Investors blocked from a deal will not see any reference to that deal in the portal

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Provide Feedback

TBD is a member-run organization and relies on members input for our collective success. Members can share feedback in several ways

  1. Email / message any individual operations team member
  2. Email operations team: [email protected]

Lead a Deal

Do you want to engage with entrepreneurs and fellow TBD members? Leading a deal involves helping shepherd a deal throughout its lifecycle from initial pitch meeting to the closing

  • Deal Lead Playbook: Detailed steps involved with leading a deal through the investment process
  • Deal Lead Quick Checklist: Quick set of steps for members experienced in leading deals
  • Deal Lead Training, May 21, 2021 (Pitch Video || Deck): The process team provides a full walk through of the deal process with Q&A. Recommended for anyone who has or might want to lead a deal
  • #tbd-deal-leads: Ask questions about the deal leading process in this dedicated Slack channel
  • Sample diligence questions: This includes some common questions. Feel free to use these as a baseline in your conversations with the founder. Suggest additional questions if you have some!
  • Example Deal Memos: Feel free to use any of these past deal memos as a template for the investment brief that you'll share with the membership
  • Outside investors: Our deals often include 1 or more investors who are not members of TBD Angels as part of an effort to increase the TBD participation in the deal, to include more value-add investors on the TBD investment, and/or to allow a founder's individual minor investors to be part of our SPV.
    • Deal leads can issue an invitation to the deal in our portal (Send invitations from the tools tab of the deal page)
    • Will have access to just that deal and will not have visibility to the names of TBD investors, but will be able to review the deal, access deal material, vote, provide feedback and make commitment
    • Must be accredited
    • Can live anywhere in the world
    • All investors on the SPV (TBD members and invitees) share the various SPV costs pro-rata (approx $4000 -- SPV platform fees, blue skies, etc) and up to 5% carry

Refer a Member

Do you know any angel investors passionate about collaborating with startups?

  • Criteria for members
    • Experience of operators / entrepreneurs / experienced industry professionals
    • Help TBD Angels meet one or both of our goals:
    • Collaborate within the group to create value through collaboration
    • Assist our portfolio companies as they build and scale their companies
    • Endeavor to invest in one or more companies each year
    • Must be accredited
  • Expectations of a member
    • Contribute and extract learnings with the group through participation
    • Informally be an external voice for the group
    • Be responsive to other TBD Angels & founders
    • Aim to invest in at least one deal per year
To refer a great candidate, complete this form to send information about ther referral to the ops team

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